Preparing A Visit To England

Read the text carefully, then choose the right answer !
Dear Sandie,

It is very nice of you to have my two sons during the summer. I'm sending you a photo of them. Jamie looks like his brother Roy but they are quite different.

They both like basket-ball, base-ball and swimming but Roy never goes hiking with his brother, he prefers roller skating. Jamie loves animals and he is a nature lover; Roy loves the city so that's sometimes a problem!

As for hobbies, they both like painting and reading. Roy reads comics and Jamie reads detective stories. They both listen to a lot of music (poor me!); Roy's favourite music is rock 'n roll and Jamie likes rap.

Don't worry about food, they are not too fussy: fish'n chips for Jamie and pizza for Roy, so that's quite easy and they both love fruit and … ice-cream!! If you don't know who is who, give them a bar of chocolate: Roy hates it and his brother just loves it!

Thanks again for having them. I'm sure they will enjoy their visit.
I'll keep in touch.

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