Present Simple Passive

Write the verbs in the Present Simple Passive.

Someone cleans the room every day.
The room is cleaned every day.

  1. We receive a lot of phone calls every day.
    A lot of phone callsĀ  every day.
  2. My wife waters the plants.
    The plantsĀ  by my wife.
  3. The kids do the washing-up.
    The washing-up by the kids.
  4. Someone sends me a letter.
    A letter to me.
  5. They don't deliver the goods on Sundays.
    The goods not on Sundays.
  6. They don't sell fresh produce every day.
    Fresh produce not every day.
  7. They don't print these books anymore.
    These books not anymore.
  8. Mrs Smith doesn't do the cooking.
    The cooking not by Mrs Smith.
  9. Do they sell vegetables at the market?
    vegetables at the market?
  10. Do they make these shoes in Portugal?
    these shoes in Portugal?
  11. Do they deliver the milk to your house every morning?
    the milk to your house every morning?
  12. Do you do the ironing?
    the ironing by you?

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