Present Perfect Simple Passive

Write the verbs in the Present Perfect Simple Passive.

Someone has cleaned the room.
The room has been cleaned.

  1. Someone has written an anonymous letter.
    An anonymous letter .
  2. Someone has stolen my money.
    My money .
  3. Someone has watered the plants.
    The plants .
  4. Someone has peeled the oranges.
    The oranges .
  5. They have not mended the toy yet.
    The toy not yet.
  6. They have not fixed the computer yet.
    The computer not yet.
  7. They have accused the man of stealing the car.
    The man of stealing the car.
  8. They have not faxed her the details yet.
    The details not to her yet.
  9. Have they posted the letters yet?
    the letters yet?
  10. Has he scrubbed the floor yet?
    the floor yet?
  11. Has he fed the animals yet?
    the animals yet?
  12. Have they sent him the bill yet?
    he the bill yet?

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