Present Continuous Passive

Write the verbs in the Present Continuous Passive.

Someone is cleaning the room.
The room is being cleaned.

  1. Someone is photocopying the document.
    The document .
  2. They are repairing the car.
    The car .
  3. Someone is taking photographs.
    Photographs .
  4. He is washing the dishes.
    The dishes .
  5. No one is correcting the tests.
    The tests not by anyone.
  6. He is not cooking rice at the moment.
    Rice not at the moment.
  7. He is not painting the walls properly.
    The walls not properly.
  8. He is not doing the dishes right now.
    The dishes not right now.
  9. Are they reviewing the situation as promised?
    the situation as promised?
  10. Are the authorities looking into the matter?
    the matter into (by the authorities)?
  11. Are the police investigating the incident?
    the incident (by the police)?
  12. Are they selling the books at a lower price?
    the books at a lower price?

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