Past Simple Passive

Write the verbs in the Past Simple Passive.

Someone cleaned the room.
The room was cleaned.

  1. Someone attacked a ten-year-old boy.
    A ten-year-old boy .
  2. Someone robbed a bank last week.
    A bank last week.
  3. The police arrested two suspects last night
    Two suspects last night.
  4. Someone sent us a letter.
    A letter to us.
  5. They didn't find any evidence.
    No evidence .
  6. They didn't finish the work.
    The work not .
  7. They didn't invite the children to the party.
    The children not to the party.
  8. They didn't tell us the whole story.
    We not the whole story.
  9. Did the police arrest the suspect?
    the suspect ?
  10. Did they find the victim unconscious?
    the victim unconscious?
  11. Did they paint all the windows?
    all the windows ?
  12. Did they break the rules?
    the rules ?

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