'Going To' Future Passive

Write the verbs in the 'Going To' Future Passive.

Someone is going to clean the room.
The room is going to be cleaned.

  1. Someone is going to fix the TV.
    The TV .
  2. They are going to plant some trees.
    Some trees .
  3. They are going to demolish the building.
    The building .
  4. The authorities are going to stop the train.
    The train by the authorities.
  5. The government is not going to lower the taxes.
    The taxes not .
  6. They are not going to surface the roads.
    The roads not .
  7. No one is going to aide him.
    He not by anyone.
  8. He is not going to do the cleaning.
    The cleaning not .
  9. Is she going to reply?
    it ?
  10. Are they going to consider your request?
    your request ?
  11. Are they going to refund the money?
    the money ?
  12. Are they going to service the car?
    the car ?

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