Trouvez le 'past participle' des verbes entre parenthèses!
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  1. Her Spanish has (improve).
  2. She had already (plan) something else.
  3. I was (arrest) for driving too fast.
  4. I have just (finish) working on this subject.
  5. I have (try) to call you.
  6. America was (discover) in 1492.
  7. I have (accept) your decision.
  8. You have (lie) to us too many times.
  9. My father has (fix) the light bulb.
  10. We have (move) to a new city.
  11. So far, I haven’t (watch) any film in English.
  12. I had (play) games before I went to bed.
  13. I have (answer) the question.
  14. My cousins haven't (decide) where to go on holiday.
  15. James has just (score) a goal.
  16. I have (print) a document.
  17. He has (ask) a question.
  18. Alan and Kerrie have (dance).
  19. Lance has (carry) that heavy bag all the way home.
  20. Has Bill (turn) off the radio?
  21. Has she ever (call) you?
  22. Have the kids (tidy) up their rooms?
  23. I have (study) English since 1999.
  24. We have (live) in Paris for two months.
  25. Laurent has just (slam) the door.
  26. Peter hasn't (smoke) for seven years.
  27. They haven't (phone) their parents since Christmas.
  28. She has (stop) smoking since the birth of her baby.
  29. My teacher has always (help) me to improve my level.
  30. I have just (receive) a new message.
  31. The plane hasn't (land) yet.
  32. She has always (respect) his point of view.
  33. That poor old man (work) hard from 1953 to 1999.
  34. He is proud because he has (pass) his exam.
  35. The lesson has (start).
  36. Someone has (open) the door!
  37. Her daughter has (clean) the kitchen.
  38. I have not (visit) Rome.
  39. We have (arrive) at my parents' place.
  40. It hasn’t (snow) for a while.
  41. I was (punish) for not working enough.
  42. He is (accuse) of lying.
  43. At 8 pm, the library had already (close).
  44. We were (interrupt) by a phone call.
  45. No sooner had my mother (wash) the windows that it started raining.
  46. She has (cook) the potatoes.
  47. Sorry, I've (miss) the bus.
  48. I've never (taste) champagne.
  49. I've always (love) tea. I drink it every day.
  50. She has (cry) every day since her dog passed away.
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