"Prepositions of Time"


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  1. Lucy is arriving February the 13th eight o'clock the morning.
  2. The weather is often terrible in London January.
  3. It's better to get taxi if you are out alone night.
  4. She got married September.
  5. They usually go to the south of France the summer.
  6. Columbus sailed to the Americas the 16th century.
  7. The Beatles were popular the 1960s.
  8. I graduated from university 2001.
  9. His birthday is June.
  10. I usually go to my parents' house Christmas. We eat turkey together Christmas Day.
  11. The train leaves tomorrow morning 8:00 am.
  12. I love going skiing January.
  13. We met at the restaurant 8pm.
  14. The class is 9am Monday mornings.
  15. I like to drink coffee the morning and tea the afternoon.
  16. We went out for dinner last Wednesday.
  17. She left London the 4th of March.
  18. I had a party my birthday.
  19. Lucy went to New York New Year.
  20. We're meeting lunchtime next Tuesday.
  21. There was a loud noise which woke us up midnight.
  22. Do you usually eat chocolate eggs Easter?
  23. What are you doing the weekend?
  24. last week I worked until 9pm every night.
  25. My father always reads the paper breakfast time.
  26. She plays tennis Fridays.
  27. The trees here are really beautiful the spring.
  28. I'll see you Tuesday afternoon then.
  29. Shakespeare died 1616.
  30. She studies every day.
  31. John is going to buy the presents today.
  32. In my hometown, the shops open early the morning.
  33. The party is next Saturday.
  34. We are meeting Friday morning.
  35. I often get sleepy the afternoon.
  36. His daughter was born the 24th of August.
  37. Mobile phones became popular the nineties.
  38. Luckily the weather was perfect her wedding day.
  39. We’ll meet you 6 o’clock.
  40. The party is May 5th.
  41. We ski a lot the winter.
  42. It was cold the Ice Age.
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