1. The salad was topped with sliced [tomato] and drizzled with olive
  2. The park was filled with tall [tree] that provided shade on a hot
  3. The shelter had dozens of adorable [cat] looking for their forever
  4. They made three [wish] on the birthday candles and blew them
  5. The [wife] of the soldiers sent care packages to their
  6. The street was lined with beautiful [house].fr
  7. I always lose my [key], so I keep a spare set in my desk at
  8. The dentist told me I need to floss my [tooth] more
  9. They gathered around the large [table] to celebrate the
  10. The zoo had a large exhibit of playful [monkey] swinging from tree
  11. The [company] in this industry are constantly competing for market
  12. The child played with a variety of colorful [toy] in the
  13. We went on a road trip and visited three different states in three [day].fr
  14. She made scrambled [egg] and toast for
  15. The United States is one of the most diverse [country] in the
  16. The bustling [city] of New York and Tokyo are both exciting and
  17. The autumn wind blew the [leaf] off the
  18. The group of tourists rode [donkey] to the top of the
  19. The sound of the crashing [wave] was calming and soothing to
  20. The delivery man carried multiple [box] up the stairs to the
  21. There were two young [lady] walking in the
  22. I see two [dish] on the
  23. I would like some [potato] in my plate
  24. There are a lot of [student] in this
  25. My [child] are playing in the
  26. All [man] are supposed to be
  27. My grandfather has a flock of [sheep].fr
  28. It's the cackling of [goose] which save Rome from the
  29. You should place the [knife] to the right of the
  30. John screamed and the [echo] of his screams sounded in the

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