Reading Comprehension

Read the texts and choose the best answer to the questions. Press "Check" to check your answers.

Objects of desire

 A    B    C    D 

A: Sing along

If you think you've got what it takes to be a pop singer, but need a little more practice, then the Magic Singalong Microphone is perfect for you! There are around 500 classic songs stored inside this long, slim microphone, which plugs into your TV or stereo. Simply use the buttons to type in the number of the song you want and then sing along. You can adjust volume tempo and key and view the lyrics on your TV screen.
Cost: £ 320
Call: 0195 322 2299

B: Music Everywhere

You can take these fabulous plastic speakers anywhere you go. They fit neatly into a backpck, beach bag or briefcase. Want to share a song with friends on a picnic or at the beach? Just blow them up and plug them into your Walkman, laptop or MP3 player. You can enjoy great music wherever you are. Transparent green with lightweight grey stand. Require six AA batteries (not included).
Cost: £ 35
Call: 0870 066 6333

C: Spy Time

Do you dream of starring in a James Bond movie? Now you can really look the part with the first ever Walkie Talkie Watch. These are real watches which have hidden microphones and earpieces so that no one else can listen to your conversation! With clear reception and a range of up to 250 feet, they are a great way to keep in touch. The watches have black straps and come with a choice of black or grey face covers. Batteries not included.
Cost: £ 320
Call: 01299 444 9883

D: Machine Master

Now you can change the channel or volume on your TV without touching the remote! This new voice-activated remote control uses your voice to operate your video, DVD player or TV. It recognises up to 50 commands from four or five different people, so it's perfect for families. The remote has a liquid crystal display screen and comes with its own stand. Takes four AA batteries (included).
Cost: £ 30
Call: 0872 244 0282
Which gadget(s):
  1. can be used anywhere
  2. work with your TV? ,
  3. doesn't need batteries?
  4. comes with batteries?
  5. is operated with buttons?
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