Mirrors bring sun

Question 1

Dans quel pays se trouve la petite ville de Rjukan?

The people of Rjukan in Norway ...


Question 2

Quel est le gros problème de cette localité?

... during the six months of winter the surrounding mountains cast a shadow over the town even at midday.


Question 3

Depuis quand leur projet de miroirs géants existe-t-il?

The idea of using mirrors in Rjukan was first proposed 100 years ago.
"A hundred-year-old idea has become reality today," said Steinar Bergsland.


Question 4

Quel fait du passé a fait connaitre Rjukan et sa région au monde entier?

He said he hoped the mirrors would attract visitors to the region, which up till now has been associated more with the bravery of the men who sabotaged Hitler's attempt to develop the atomic bomb at a hydroelectric plant near Rjukan.


Question 5

Qui eut, le premier, l'idée d'amener les rayons du soleil sur Rjukan?

The problem of how to bring sunshine to Rjukan was first considered a century ago by a Norwegian engineer and industrialist, Sam Eyde


Question 6

Le projet des miroirs à Rjukan a connu, au début, une certaine opposition, parce que ...

Despite some initial opposition to the use of public money ...


Question 7

Les miroirs reflètent le soleil ...

Controlled by computers, the tilted mirrors follow the course of the sun to bring sunshine to Rjukan's main square below.


Question 8

Un projet semblable avait déjà été réalisé en ...

The Italian village of Viganella installed a similar sun mirror in 2006.


Question 9

Le projet fut finalement financé ...

A combination of private sponsorship and public investment eventually drew together the 5 million Norwegian krone (£528,000; $851,000) needed to complete the project.


Question 10

Les habitants de Rjukan n'ont pas de soleil pendant ...

Rjukan gets no sunlight for about seven months of the year.
... during the six months of winter the surrounding mountains cast a shadow over the town even at midday.

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