Read the texts and indicate if the statements are true or false.
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Giulia, from Manchester

I really like London. It’s a great city! You can do anything you want and there are a lot of shops. I love shopping! When I go there, I always go to Buckingham Palace. I hope I see Prince Harry or Prince William. I think they are so sexy! I also think the guards are very funny with their hats. I like to go there by train or by car because you can see how green our country is: full of big fields and cows. If you take the plane, you cannot see all this!


Max, from Lytham

My favourite place is Blackpool. I really like that town… It’s close to my city. Even if it’s not a very big city, it’s really nice: there are so many people coming here… especially in summer. Before getting married, couples often go to Blackpool to party. There is also Blackpool Tower. I like it because it looks like a small Eiffel Tower. When I’m not at school, I play the guitar and in Blackpool there are a lot of opportunities for musicians like me! Finally, I like walking on the beach as well. Many times, you can see donkeys. These animals are so funny!


Alice, from London

This might surprise you… but my favourite place is my room! This is the only place where I can stay alone. I can chat on my computer with my friends and I can write on my diary. I like writing what I think and what I do. I write every day! I have my private life! My room is not very big but it’s very colourful and I chose the decoration. My bed is very comfortable and from my window I can see one of the main streets of London. I like watching people walking in the street: what they do, how they are dressed. I try to imagine their lives. It’s fun!


John, from Chester

I like England but I prefer India! I go there every year with my family. We take the plane from London to Mumbai. Sometimes we stop in Delhi because it’s very near to the Taj Mahal, in Agra. I don’t really enjoy taking the plane because I’m always scared it’s going to crash. I know it happens very rarely, but I’m afraid of it anyway. So, my favourite place in India is Mumbai. I like to watch cricket there! I’m a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar, a very successful and well-known cricket player. I also love Indian movies.

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01. Giulia’s favourite place is Manchester.
02. England is a very green country.
03. Giulia likes to go to London by plane.
04. Blackpool is a big city.
05. There are donkeys in London.
06. Max is not a student but a guitarist.
07. Alice hasn’t got any computer.
08. Alice is a writer.
09. Alice likes her room because it’s very big.
10. John’s favourite sport is football.
11. Sachin Tendulkar is famous in India.
12. John’s favourite place is Agra.
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