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Once there an old man who with his son in an old ruin on the top of a hill. One day, their horse away and the young man off to look for it. He through the village but, there, no one had the horse. Hearing they had their horse the people the hill to commiserate with the old man. "What bad luck!", they , "You aren't rich and now you must make do without a horse." The old man to their sympathetic words, and smiling, he said "Good luck, bad luck! Who ?"

A few days later the lost horse back and with it two wild horses. The son immediately to break them in so he would be able to ride them. When the people down in the village the news they came to see the old man to share in the joy of having his lost horse. "What good luck!" they . The old man listened to their kind words, and smiling, he said "Good luck, bad luck! Who knows?"

Now, the son was a keen horseman and he to gallop at full speed on the new mounts. One day he was just this when he was from the horse and his leg. His father the leg in splints and the injured lad. The villagers not long in noticing his absence and they came to see the reason why. When they the young man bed-ridden they up their hands in dismay and said to the old man, "What bad luck, who will help you now with the heavy work?" Once again the old man listened to their kind words, and , he said "Good luck, bad luck! Who knows?"

A short time later the emperor his soldiers into all the towns and villages to press all the able-bodied men into service. He was going to war and he new recruits. All the young men from the village were but because of his stiff leg and limping walk the son of the old man was not fit to serve in the army of the emperor. "Good luck, bad luck! Who knows?"
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