Reading comprehension


The Strong family : Cheryl Strong lives in Brighton on the south coast of England. Cheryl teaches History at Sussex University. Cheryl’s daughter, Jasmine, is eighteen years old and she’s in her first year at Exeter University in the west of England, so she lives in a student flat at the university. Cheryl has got a brother, who lives with his mother in Brighton. His name is Jack and he’s twelve years old.
Jasmine and Jack’s parents are divorced. Their father, Andrew Strong, is a bank manager and he lives and works in Birmingham. Their grandmother, Louise, is seventy-five. She lives in an old people’s home in Brighton.

The Jackson family lives in Streatham near London. Bill Jackson’s parents are from Trinidad in the Caribbean and Pam Jackson’s parents are from Jamaica. Bill is a computer programmer in the centre of London and Pam is an office worker.
They’ve got two children: a son, Marcus and a daughter, Lisa. Marcus is sixteen years old and Lisa is ten years old. Marcus goes to secondary school and Lisa goes to primary school.

The Jones family lives in Barmouth in Wales. Simon Jones is a sales manager for an insurance company and his wife, Eleri, is a social worker in a local hospital. They’ve got four children.
Callam is four, Megan is eight, Rebecca is eleven and Owen is thirteen. They are all bilingual: they usually speak Welsh at home and at school, but they also speak English. In fact more than half a million people speak Welsh in Wales.
Eleri’s parents live in a house not far from Barmouth.

Emma’s family : Emma tells you :
“I’m Emma, I’m fourteen years old. I live in Edinburgh, in Scotland. I’ve got a big family. I’ve got fifteen or sixteen cousins in the USA! My grandmother’s called Anna and my grandfather’s called Bill. They’re Irish and they live in Dublin. My mum is their daughter. She’s called Patricia. My dad’s called Joe. I’ve got a brother called Liam (he’s only eight years old) and two sisters called Maria and Teresa. Maria’s got long, brown hair and she’s really friendly. Teresa has got blond hair and she’s quiet.
Teresa’s husband is called Paul. They’ve got a new baby called Lili. She’s beautiful. I’m her aunt.”

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The Strong family
01. What's Cheryl's job?
fleche She is a .
02. Who's Jack?
fleche He is Cheryl's .
03. How old is Jack?
fleche He's years old.
04. How old is Jasmine?
fleche She's years old.
05. Where does Jack live?
fleche He lives in .
06. What's Jack's name?
fleche His name is .
07. Does Jasmine live in Birmingham?
fleche (yes/no?)
08. Does Jasmine live in a house?
fleche (yes/no?)
09. Does Louise live with her daughter?
fleche (yes/no?)
10. How old is Jack's grandmother?
fleche She's years old.
The Jackson family
11. The Jakson family lives in London.
fleche (true/false?)
12. Who's Lisa's grandmother?
fleche It's Jackson.
13. Where are Pam Jackson's parents from?
fleche They're from .
14. Where does Bill work?
fleche He works in (city).
15. Who are Marcus and Lisa?
fleche They're Bill's .
16. Where does Pam Jackson work?
fleche She works in an .
17. Marcus goes to the University.
fleche (true/false?)
18. Lisa goes to secondary school.
fleche (true/false?)
19. Who's Lisa Jackson?
fleche She's Bill and Pam's .
20. What's Bill's job?
fleche He's a .(2 words)
The Jones family
21. In which country of the United Kingdom does the Jones family live?
fleche In .
22. How many children have Simon and Eleri got?
fleche They've got children.
23. How many languages does the Jones family speak?
fleche They speak languages.
24. Eleri Jones works in an insurance company in London.
fleche (true/false?)
25. Eleri's parents live in Barmouth.
fleche (true/false?)
26. Callam, Megan, Rebecca and Owen can speak English and ...
fleche .
27. Where do people speak Welsh?
fleche In .
28. What does “half a million” mean? 1.500.000 - 1.000.000,5 - 500.000
fleche It means : .
29. What's the job of Owen's father?
fleche He is a .
30. Eleri works in a hospital in Cardiff.
fleche (true/false?)
Emma's family
31. Emma lives in Dublin.
fleche (true/false?)
32. Bill and Anna are Emma's grandparents.
fleche (true/false?)
33. Who's Emma's mum?
fleche Her name is .
34. How many children have Emma's parents got?
fleche They've got children.
35. Emma's sister Teresa is married.
fleche (true/false?)
36. Emma is Lili's aunt.
fleche (true/false?)
37. Emma's got a lot of cousins in Scotland.
fleche (true/false?)
38. What is Lili's father called?
fleche His name is .
39. What is Emma's father called?
fleche His name is .
40. Patricia is Bill and Anna's daughter.
fleche (true/false?)