Emma's Daily Routine

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Hi! My name is Emma. I'm twelve years old and I'm English. I live with my family in Brighton in the south of England.
My day usually starts quite early. I always get up at 7.30 on weekdays, but at the weekends I sleep an hour and a half longer.
When I get up, I go to the bathroom first. I wash my face to wake me up, brush my teeth and then I have a shower. After that I comb my hair and get dressed. I usually wear casual clothes, mainly jeans, shorts, T-shirts and trainers.

I always have breakfast with my mum and my little brother, Tommy. My dad never has breakfast with us because he starts work early on weekdays. I usually have a bowl of cornflakes with hot milk and toast with marmalade.

Before I go to school, I have to walk our dog, Leo.

I usually walk to school because I don't live very far. Classes start at 8.30. I like Maths best, but I'm also good at Science and English. I have two breaks, at 11 and at 1 o'clock. I eat a sandwich and drink orange juice. I also play with my classmates in the playground. School finishes at 3.30 and my dad picks me up and we come back home by car. Then we have lunch together.

After lunch I play with my brother for a while and then I do my homework and study. Twice a week I have a basketball practice. I love doing sports.

Before dinner I sometimes meet my friends or watch a TV quiz. I seldom play computer game, I simply find them boring. We have dinner at 7.30 and I often set the table. After dinner I read a book or surf the Internet for a while.

At 9.30 I go to the bathroom to have a shower, brush my teeth and put on my nightdress. Before I go to sleep I listen to music on my MP3 player because it makes me feel relaxed.