Reading comprehension

A Personal Letter

Choose the correct ending for each sentence or the correct answer for each question.
Dear Jack,

Sorry I didn't write earlier but we have been very busy. I hope that you are enjoying your summer camp and having a lot of exciting activities. Please send us a letter to say what you do every day. We arrived in San Francisco five days ago. We took the plane at Mirabel airport but we nearly missed it because of the traffic in Montreal. Fortunately, the flight was very pleasant. We had a good meal this time.

Our hotel is very nice and comfortable. There is a swimming-pool and a putting green: Dad is very pleased because he can practise his golf every morning. Yesterday we went to the beach. We had a marvellous time. I went swimming and Dad tried windsurfing, but he wasn't very good at it. In the evening, we went to the Mac Donald's and then we watched a film "Ice Age". Well, I did, because Dad was so tired that he slept all the time on the sofa.
I must stop now because I m going to the swimming pool.

Write us a letter to let us know what your summer camp is like, please!

Mum and Dad
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