Bill: I got a new computer yesterday.

Robert: You got a new computer?

Bill: Yes, a new notebook computer.

Robert: Why didn't you get a desktop computer?

Bill: The notebook is light, and has a battery, so I can use it anywhere.
I can use it on the train or the bus.

Robert: Isn't the keyboard too small to use?

Bill: It's compact, but I'll get used to it.

Robert: I think large keyboards are easier to use than small ones. Also, desktop computers are more powerful than notebooks.

Bill: That's true, but my notebook computer is powerful enough for me.

Robert: Aren't notebooks more expensive than desktop computers?

Bill: Yes, desktop computers are less expensive, usually, but notebook computers are portable. I can use my notebook in any room, and when I'm finished, I can put it away. You can't put a desktop computer away.

Robert: That's true, but my desktop computer doesn't take too much space. It's an iMac.

Bill: That's a cool computer. I bet my Windows notebook was cheaper than your iMac.

Robert: You get what you pay for.

Bill: Funny!