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  1. The boy walks to chair.T👀
  2. The girl walks to chair.T👀
  3. We study lessons every evening.T👀
  4. I put copybook on the desk.T👀
  5. Mary likes English class.T👀
  6. We bring pens to the lessons.T👀
  7. The boys bring copybooks to the lesson.T👀
  8. The girls bring books to the lesson.T👀
  9. Mr Smith drives to school in car.T👀
  10. She sells books to students. books are cheap.T👀
  11. Vera is a teacher. students are 12 years old.T👀
  12. Bill and Ted are young. mother is old.T👀
  13. Jessica lends money to Bobby. money is helpful.T👀
  14. The shop is closed. doors are locked.T👀
  15. You're Bill Bailey. name's Bill Bailey.T👀
  16. He's Tom. name's Tom.T👀
  17. They're Sally and April. names are Sally and April.T👀
  18. She's Karen. name's Karen.T👀
  19. It's called the London Eye. name's the London Eye.T👀
  20. We're the Hand family. family name's Hand.T👀
  21. It's the Marriot Hotel. name's the Marriot Hotel.T👀
  22. This is Marta's book. It's book.T👀
  23. This is everyones web site. It's web site.T👀
  24. This is new car. I bought it yesterday.T👀
  25. They live on the other side of the street. That's house, the red one.T👀
  26. Michael's married. wife is an accountant.T👀
  27. Susan's coming to the party on own.T👀
  28. best girlfriend lives in London, so I don't see her often.T👀
  29. Mr Johnson and wife are not here.T👀
  30. Mr and Mrs Johnson are in Madrid with children.T👀
  31. I don't like John's daughter very much, she never lends me books.T👀
  32. Last week, she had a red hat on head.T👀
  33. Mary's brother is much nicer. He is not at all like sister.T👀
  34. Mum is delighted, she has found a photo of ancestors.T👀
  35. Look! Grandfather has a red scarf around neck.T👀
  36. Hello, how are you? name's Chris March.T👀
  37. Hello boys! I'm new English teacher.T👀
  38. Where's Lucia ? She isn't in room.T👀
  39. Look at this lovely bird! head is red!T👀
  40. Look at hat, it is too small for him!T👀
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