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  1. My family is ancient, but Greg's family is more ancient than .T👀
  2. Jack has two sisters. names are Jane and Judith.T👀
  3. Kate is not in my bedroom. She is in .T👀
  4. Really, darling, don't you think this wedding is not as exciting as ?T👀
  5. Kate and Mary, don't play with these balls, they are not .T👀
  6. This rabbit is not in the right hutch. Please put it in .T👀
  7. You like painting. paintings are beautiful.T👀
  8. She speaks English very well because mother is English.T👀
  9. «Is that your hat?» - «No, it is not ».T👀
  10. My friends love gardening. garden is fantastic.T👀
  11. We have a red car. And what about you? What colour is ?T👀
  12. I washed my car and Kate washed .T👀
  13. He always wears a hat on head. He is funny.T👀
  14. There is a little house in the garden, and we pretend it is home.T👀
  15. I have many friends. Harry is a friend of .T👀
  16. He is making his bed and Alex and I are making .T👀
  17. I'll call my friends and you'll call .T👀
  18. Peter and John are feeding pets.T👀
  19. We each have a car, but my car is older than .T👀
  20. This is Jane's car. I'm sure it's !T👀
  21. «Is that your car?» - «Yes, it is ».T👀
  22. She had a good mark. She did best.T👀
  23. «Whose gift is this?» - «It is , and I wish you a happy birthday!»T👀
  24. Jessica will bring her CDs and Mark will bring .T👀
  25. We don't like their house, we prefer .T👀
  26. Can you help us to find our roller-skates ? are blue!T👀
  27. «Whose room is this?» - «This is room, the twins are always together.»T👀
  28. He put hand up, because he knew the answer.T👀
  29. My parents are in Spain. What about , Harry?T👀
  30. I solved my problem, but Kate did not solve .T👀
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